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Building Blocks of understanding

February 15, 2013


I want a spinning wheel. No, sorry, I shouldn’t be so rude. I would really like to have a spinning wheel. I am enjoying the spindle spinning, but I think I could make the foray into efficiency soon. Trouble is, I want to build one. The way I learn best is to either take something […]

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Good Golly Gosh – cheers to supple whimsy!

February 6, 2013


Where. Has. The. Time. Gone. Over a year to get back to writing posts here. So much has changed, how I have changed! We have some siding on the house. We have a tractor. I became obsessed with knitting, and subsequently obsessed with spinning wool to knit with. The last kid started school, making more […]

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independent learning

September 3, 2011


I can’t *quite* put into words how much I miss having my father around without a tear or two rolling down my cheek. So I don’t say much at all. My childhood was pretty good, I learned a lot of life skills growing up on the dairy farm. We didn’t have much – a few […]

a tale of 10 tails

September 1, 2011


It’s september. We have company. It stared last weekend when I hear strange noises coming from the kitchen dresser (I keep batteries, tape, odds and ends, school supplies, etc in there). I flew open the top drawer and I saw a skittish mouse with a bunch of babies nursing. She tried to get away but […]

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park benches

July 26, 2011


I wanted to make a tribute to you. Make a space and share it with everyone. I thought, a picnic table, one of the ones with a roof on it for the cover from maritime weather. I would liked to have put it somewhere that would enable its use year-round…you know, even in the snowy […]

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slug patrol

June 28, 2011


It’s been a while since I posted. I got married, went on a honeymoon…and planted the first garden at the new place! The soil is really heavy clay and so we will have to work hard over the next while to make sure we get it to be a hospitable place for veggies! The garlic […]

Election frenzy

April 6, 2011


Yup, another election north of the 49th.  Election frenzy is always something that interests me.  Sometimes its the scandal that captures my attention, or maybe the platform absurdities, sometimes it is the charisma, and at times it is the debates. I will be honest.  A lot of issues don’t mean much to me.  But some…are […]

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