Building Blocks of understanding

Posted on February 15, 2013


I want a spinning wheel. No, sorry, I shouldn’t be so rude. I would really like to have a spinning wheel. I am enjoying the spindle spinning, but I think I could make the foray into efficiency soon. Trouble is, I want to build one. The way I learn best is to either take something apart, or put something together. Verbal descriptions don’t work for me, because I picture what is being said in my head. Same as reading. I would rather just look at the thing, and do it.

I tried to find some plans on the internet on how to build one, but I think I figure this out myself. I was a lego-kid, after all! That’s right, lego is an important toy in a child/adolescent/adult’s life. Learning how to create, and make structures last, sometimes there are directions, sometime not. And it still ends up being fun. For my spinning wheel, i plan to use recycled products from around the house. It is pretty simple mechanics, spinning wool! I’ll go back to my years of experience…with lego.

Lego theory also relates to relationships. You have to get in there and figure stuff out…don’t ignore the problem, talk about it. Two (or more) people can solve their problems if they talk and listen…We can learn more from that, than by reading a book.

I guess I like the challenge too, especially when i am not 100% sure how it all works…sometimes you just have to try…

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